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Bewarse ke Bewarse!
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Here are some quotes by schumacher's(read as F1 god) team mates. Schufosi's and Tifosi's enjoyyyyyyyyyyy

Andrea De Cesaris : I never pay attention to the minor series, so I didn't know MS when he arrived to Jordan. I only knew he was very fast. But what really impressed me more was his absolute confidence: he was there among Mansell, Piquet, Prost and Senna but he had no fear at all, he was like a shark in the ocean! He performed a splendid work since the beginning: his speed and his confidence were his strongest cards. He was very fast on dry and on wet. He was a natural and very intelligent leader able to perform extraordinary stuff with cars far from the best ones. Now I can see he was able to improve a lot many of those qualities that were already remarcable, so it's natural he is out of reach for present drivers. But I think never a F1 driver reached his level of perfection: that's why he is considered the F1 absolute icon all around the world. He was unique translating into the track results that only his huge potential allowed. He won't last forever but I can't really say when and who will arise as his heir.

Nelson Piquet : Michael remebered me my F1 beginning when I did the same with Lauda at Brabham. I only knew he was very fast on qualifying (most people can't imagine how he had to be fast to make that Benetton go like that!). I got surprised by his team work approach: he was always quiet, in silence, but learning fast and pointing remarcable technical observations that left many experienced engineers with a big open mouth... Imediatly I understand he will beat me more times than I would beat him. Probably I wasn't motivated as him but I guess, after all I see, that wouldn't matter a big deal: he was getting prepared to challenge anyone, as we saw at 1994. What he reached at Ferrari is big, very big indeed: F1 never saw such a colossal and victorious work carried for so long by someone who have to motivate an entire team (not any team, but Ferrari, a passion team!) including himself! When a driver got that at Ferrari you must think he only can be exceptional. I can assure you there isn't --- and there wasn't --- any driver I met able to compete with his major force: his mental. I was broken by it, Senna was the next target as we testify during 2004 and the rest that came simply weren't even near his level: Hill, Villeneuve and Hakkinen were lucky to have a very better car when they crossed Schumacher's way: only a better car couldn't beat him, you'd need a very better car than him to keep the distance. With these modern drivers he is condamned to win for long if they don't get a better, better car than him.

Martin Brundle : I was impressed the way he smashed Piquet because Piquet was not an ordinary champion, a lottery champion. Many people wanted to believe Piquet was tired of F1 and he wasn't motivated anymore. The things were not like that at all. I remember Pat Symonds to say that Piquet only cares for a car able to beat Schumacher at Qualifying and only got that goal at Adelaide... Well, Pat confessed he had not the courage to destroy the moment of joy of Piquet and show him that the telemetry testified that Michael had gear problems during his lap... Michael was surprisingly fast but also very cautious and wise. Inside the team he expressed himself as a diplomate avoiding conflict positions and that always pointed him as the required leader for any team. But when he was behind the wheel he got transformed: a sort of Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde. Impressive and fascinating. I never was able to beat him at Qualifying and that disturbed me, but I admitt he reached very impressive marks that particular year. The Ford V8 was very brutal when delivering power and he was the only one to use it properly (as Ford remarked us all by the telemetry analysis!) with almost 100% of efficiency! Very impressive for such a young driver. I decide to target the races and I got to beat him at Montreal and one or two times more. He wasn't pleased with that but he was intelligent enough to learn the lesson and avoid the same errors next time. So a time came I realized I couldn't beat anymore. He matured very fast for a driver in the perfection way: he was prepared for everything earlier that any other driver I met. I realized that when he showed me at Spa he was able to take hard decisions on the battle field: he was racing very fast and it was raining; he got out of the track and he was able to comeback in my rear; he observed my rear tyres and he got the box at once to change tyres. It was his first victory and I knew it was only the beginning for him. He always expressed that special confidence possessed only by those few drivers destinated to great things: he seemed to spray an aura around him. He always used to be educated and gentle. He had the reflexes of a cat and the confidence of someone who knows he would win 7 WDC and 100 million USD per season. Many people take him as an arrogant: it's an error!, that's only a tremendous confidence on himself! He is the most evolved driver I ever met during my racing life: his technical, physical and mental skills allow him, at the present age of almost 36, to play with limits no other can touch.

Ricardo Patrese : I know many people dislike Michael. It's unfair, he is a great guy and the majoraty would be positively suprised if they real had opportunity to know him closer. At the team he fitted as the main piece, naturally integrated without forcing anything. Always focused and paying attention to every detail: he is the driver engineers dreamed for long! When he arrived he was driver number 2 but he deserved entirely the number 1 status the team provided him later when things begin not to work between me and the team. It wasn't his fault at all: you can't blame anyone because he is better than you. The team failed with me, not Michael: he was always loyal and open to dialog. I realized he was destinated to be a F1 legend: it wasn't normal to get together so many qualities and so soon as he got! Michael show me how he was able to reverse regularly a negative situation into a positive one: inside or out of the track! Whe he was champion for the first time, at 1994, I can say clearly his car wasn't the best one. Some people inside of F1 and with high responsabilities tried to pass, during years, the reverse idea to protect Senna memory, but I guess Senna himself wouldn't approve such mascarade. What happened at 1994 was a generation conflict: Senna was descending and Schumacher was rising. It was evident Senna was in difficulty with Schumacher: if you retire Schumacher from the scene and the accident of Imola, Senna would take it easily that year. It was a painfull sucession for the crowd of Senna supporters, and many of them always associate Schumacher to the death of Senna what produces an unfair feeling of rejection for Schumachers side. People should understand that Schumacher would take it that way or another, sooner or later, and it was not Senna or anybody else who was to avoid Scumacher's impulse to victory: everything was against him at 1994 but he was able to strike firmly and reverse the situation getting his first WDC. Now at a decade distance we can see no one deserved it more than him. Even the most demanding and severe judge I met at F1, Frank Williams, knows that. Schumacher was bornt to be a leader, a champion like he showed at Benetton and put it in the form of art at the most legendary team: Ferrari! The two biggest F1 legends are naturally together and writing the most glorious F1 history the world ever assisted! Michael deserves it all: he's a hard worker, a person with a tremendous sense of sacrifice and dedication: Ferrari is an extension of his family. I had very fast teammates: Piquet and Mansell, but younger Michael was already faster and better than them! I dare to say the Benetton wasn't a car for regular victories and he was able to reach WDC with it beating in the track a champion like Senna and a car as the Williams-Renault! The proof of his real level arised when he was able to set up the car as we wanted: nobody could follow him in the most demanding game F1 can force you: to go faster and faster lap after lap! That was the way he develloped and accomplished to beat champions like Piquet and Senna. I saw him testing during 80 laps and got out of the car dry as desert sand! One of his most impressive skills that make the difference is that one he sets the car to enter late at turns and suddenly he makes it kickback into the proper trajectory. Everyone that tried to imitate him finished out of the track. Some people point his few errors but they forget no other dare to touch the limits like he does: he should make much more errors compared to other drivers but he don't! Sometimes I hear to say he has too many titles and records... Well, he deserved each one of them!

J.J. Letho : He was very fast with a car not very good, and he seemed to me nice and friendly. But we met few times and he was always working. The team was setted around him and I could understand it: he got very impressive results with a poor car.

Eddie Irvine : when Michael went to Ferrari I ask Eddie Jordan to put me there too: I knew I would as rival the best F1 driver but I also would have my chances with better material, a big pay check, and the unique pleasure to race for Ferrari, a truly mytical team. I wasn't wrong: I had my chance at 1999 and I learnt something else: it's better to be the second driver at Ferrari that the number one at any other team. Michael always knows where he can go faster than the others and he know how to do it like no one! At the Mugello there's a very special turn called La arrabiata. Alesi, Berger, Larini and myself passed there at almost the same speed. Alborreto tried to make it 20 km/h faster and he had a severe accident. Michael arrived and he was able to do it since the beginning 25 km/h faster than us! We tried several times to follow his way but it was impossible: it worked only with him! A very strong point of him: he never give up his goal and he is able to sacrify his results for team results: there are not many champions like that! His life his frantic: testing, training, learning, he never stops to do something... you know: not useful! At 1996 he won 3 races with a car named disgrace... Only Michael could do it! After a lapse of time I got he was the master of the game and I was beside him because I was a very fast driver. I learnt to be distanced 20s at the race but to keep happy because the driver who made it was really unique. When you got beated by Michael and you know him, you learn that's a natural situation: others would follow the same law. Many people are wrong about F1: they think the most remarcable perfomance you can achieve is at qualifying. It's a big error, because the most impressive perfomance you can reach is to race at qualifying rythm during lap after lap! That's what makes the real difference between great drivers in the track! And I can say I never saw other driver to excel Michael at that precise and most demanding exercise F1 can provide. That's with that terrific weapon he reached the top. Maybe he is not the party man I would like, but he is a decent guy, generous, and afterall he kept his feet on the ground, something others who won less than him couldn't do.

Rubens Barrichello : I began to get interested in Michael very soon, at 1993, because my friend Ayrton was worried with the level of difficulty Michael was putting him. I knew he was very fast but Ayrton insisted with me he wasnt only fast, he was special. He was right. At 1993 Ayrton still was the best F1 driver but at 1994 something changed: my friend Ayrton was severely affected on his confidence by Michael's perfomances since Interlagos. Ayrton couldn't understand the diabolic rythm Michael put at his GP and that forced him to make a mistake when he was trying to avoid Michael ran away from him definetively. Ayrton told me a single lap during practice at the rear of Benetton was enough to see it was a miserable car! If Ayrton wouldn't die at Imola he would realize that Michaels most powerful forcel was already beeing heavily used against him that season: that unique way he uses to go faster and faster during important amount of laps. If he would continued at Benetton after 1995 he would have more titles than now. When I came to Ferrrai I knew what was expecting me: the world best driver. He still is stronger than me but I can resist him better and I'm still improving and learning with him. He always has been fair with me and we both agree team is overall: I was called to make sacrifices by the team but he also was. Now I understand perfectly why he is the best F1 driver: he is the most complete one. He can perform 80 laps without errors and going very fast, very motivated, always with the goal of the necessary result in his mind. He knows like no other to get full use of the car at very different situations and that is a precious advantage. The car is more at his taste but that's a natural thing to be: he gives the enginners 19 rights over 20 points and the other drivers give 15-17 over 20. So there is no mistake when come the moment to chose an option for devellopment! He's not perfect but he makes few big mistakes for someone that goes so fast and intense almost all the time. Most times he is out of reach but sometimes I can compete directly with him and beat him 3 or 4 times per season.

If you are searching for sympathy you will find it in the dictionary somewhere between Syphillis and Shit.